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Today consumers want control of how they pay for the things they want and need. Splitit is the only payment platform that enables consumers to use their existing credit to break payments into smaller, bite-sized pieces to pay over time with no interest, applications, or fees. That keeps money in the hands of shoppers to use as they want. By helping shoppers pay small we help businesses grow big. That’s a win-win. Splitit operates globally, with teams distributed around the world and physical offices in New York, San Francisco, London, Melbourne, and Tel Aviv.

Pay over time the easy way

Company milestones

  • - Patent granted

  • - First Splitit transaction

  • - $50M MSV annualised

  • - Open US operations
  • - $110M MSV annualised

  • - Stripe partnership
  • - Open UK operations
  • - $260M MSV annualised
  • - Visa partnership
  • - Mastercard partnership
  • - Large merchant growth
  • - $100M capital raise
  • - Self onboarding
  • - Flex Fields
  • - Expansion into professional services

The fastest, easiest instalment payment option

How we'll win

The only provider of instalments on credit cards at the point of sale.

Responsible use of credit enables existing credit, we do not provide customers new credit.

30% higher cart conversion, simple and seamless customer journey.

Up to 80% higher AOV: customers spend more.

Scalability: 70% + contribution margins. 1.8BN cardholders can use Splitit now. Presence in 30+ countries.

Global platform: globally relevant, connected to 80+ payment and commerce partners worldwide.

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